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Date 16/03/2021

Avoiding plastic straws, reusing water bottles and bringing containers for takeaways are some of the habits that we’ve been picking up to be more eco-friendly. But as we continue to spend more time at home, are we also keeping up these efforts at home?

Start by following this handy guide below to set up your recycling corner at home and work your way up towards a zero-waste lifestyle. You can even get rewarded for doing so - read on to find out more! 


1. Find a dry and clean spot at home 

First, find a dry and clean spot at home to set up your recycling corner. This could be anywhere such as under a window, or next to your door. Avoid areas near the kitchen sink or the bathroom to ensure that your recyclables do not get wet and dirty. Most importantly, try to keep this area within view, so you are reminded to recycle often!  


2. Set up your recycling bin or reuse a carton box 

Next, find a suitable container to be used as your recycling bin. We like to reuse carton boxes that come from our online shopping, as they are already recyclable on their own. Alternatively, you may also repurpose a regular trash bin - just remember to mark it out clearly as a recycling bin, so you don't throw trash into it mistakenly. 

3. Empty, rinse and dry your recyclables and place them in the box 

Now that your recycling corner is set up, keep it tidy by making sure all the items that go into it are clean and dry. Empty and rinse your metal cans and plastic bottles before you place them in the box, and flatten all cardboard boxes and paper materials. 


4. When the box is full, empty it into the blue recycling bin and reuse it again

When your box is full, empty it into the blue recycling bin in your estate, and reuse it again. By keeping your recycling corner and the items in your recycling bin clean and dry, you are able to reuse the bin repeatedly. 

Now that you have this handy guide on hand, get started on your own recycling corner at home. Every little bit counts! Even if you're staying home more, stay conscious of how you can recycle by looking around you for recyclable household items such as shampoo and detergent bottles, beverage drink cans, old newspapers and textbooks. 


Want to get rewarded for recycling?
Take part in our Recycling Corner contest, and stand to win a set of Stasher reusable silicone bags. Click here to find out more!


*Contest ends 31 March 2021.