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ezi Schools Go-Green Competition for 2021


Join us in our recycling competition! Schools will be graded based on recycling tonnages as well as education and outreach efforts. For 2021, SembWaste has partnered with Unilever, a global consumer goods company, to collaboratively engage schools through the Go-Green competition. Unilever strongly believes in practicising sustainability and, together, we hope to encourage more schools to join us along this recycling journey.

Competition Guidelines

The ezi Schools Go-Green competition consists of 2 components: (a) Recycling Tonnage (60%) and (b) Education & Outreach (40%).

Recycling Tonnage (60%)

  • A recycling bag will be given* to each teacher and student (*limited quantity, on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Participants may choose to collect the recyclables with the recycling bag and bring them to the recycling receptacles provided in school.
  • The school's appointed person-in-charge of the competition is to schedule recyclables collections via our ezi mobile app. ezi will collect paper, metal and plastic recyclables only.
  • Schools wll be awarded based on the school's ranking, which can be found in the Current Rankings tab.

Education & Outreach (40%)

  • [20%] To design 2 collaterals to encourage Singaporeans to recycle, and educate them on how to recycle right.
  • Additional points will be given to schools whose collaterals are easy to understand and/or are in multiple languages.
  • [20%] To participate in at least 2 #RecyclingChallenges posted on the ezi mobile app or website.
  • Additional points will be awarded for creativity e.g. animation, video, song/ rap.
  • Sembcorp may select submitted collaterals for showcase on our/ Unilever's various outreach channels.

Schools may sign up for this exciting competition here, and help to foster a habit of recycling amongst your students.