Date 21/08/2020

Join us at our ezi Cash-for-Trash recycling stations to recycle and get rewarded!

Follow these 3 steps below:

1. Download the ezi app via the Google Playstore or Apple App Store

2. Bring your clean recyclables down to our ezi Cash-for-Trash recycling stations

3. Use the ezi app to transact and get rewarded


Check out our most recent Cash-for-Trash recycling station at Woodlands!


What items do we collect at our recycling stations?

These are the following recyclables that we collect:

CategoryDescriptionRecycling Tips
Other papers (e.g. magazine, black & white paper)
Ensure that they are clean and dry! To make it easy to carry your recyclables down, you may flatten your cardboard boxes and bundle your papers together.
MetalAluminium cans
Food tins
Ensure that they are clean and free of food and liquid waste!
Plastic bottlesMineral water & soft drink bottles (PET bottles)
Shampoo & detergent bottles (HDPE bottles)
Ensure that they are clean and free of liquid waste!
Glass bottlesBeverage bottlesEnsure that they are clean and free of liquid waste!
E-WasteSmall electrical appliances
ICT equipment
Clothing Ensure that your clothing are clean, dry and in wearable condition.

Note that these are considered reusable and not recyclable.


What items do we NOT collect at our recycling stations?

These are the following items that we do not collect:

  • Items contaminated with food or liquid waste
  • Styrofoam
  • Large household appliances. Kindly contact your Town Council to schedule a collection of your unwanted large household appliances.
  • Toys, umbrellas, pottery, mirrors, furniture, hangers, pillows etc. Please consider donating your pre-loved items instead, if they are still in good condition.


What are the rebates offered for the recyclable items?

The rebates are as follows:

PaperNewspaper$0.10 /kg
PaperCardboard$0.09 /kg
PaperOther papers$0.05 /kg
MetalAluminium cans$0.45 /kg
MetalFood tins$0.13 /kg
Plastic bottlesPET & HDPE bottles$0.00 /kg
Glass bottlesBeverage bottles$0.00 /kg
E-WasteSmall electrical appliances, ICT equipmentRates subjected to type of product/ material
Clothing $0.25 /kg

*Rebates are updated as of 1 August 2020


When and where can I find the ezi Cash-for-Trash Recycling Stations?

ezi Cash-for-Trash is conducted within SembWaste's Public Waste collector zones:

  • Woodlands-Yishun,
  • City, Hougang-Punggol

Download the ezi app and register for an account to get the latest updates!

Do I need to use the ezi app to recycle and get rewards?

YES! We strongly encourage all residents to download our free ezi app to recycle and get rewards. If you need help with utilising the the app to transact at our Cash-for-Trash recycling stations, you can approach one of our ezi ambassadors on-site for help.

Who can I reach out to if I have more questions?

You may drop an email to and a customer support agent will get in touch with you. 




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