Date 30/10/2019

Are you recycling the right way?


Want to play your part but unsure of how to do so? Contribute Towards a Zero Waste nation by recycling right. Here are some tips to help you recycle right today!

Paper, plastic, metal and glass are recyclable, but ensure that they are clean and dry!

Please remember to empty, rinse and dry your recyclables. Anything that is contaminated with food waste is not recyclable. There are actually many household items that can be recycled! Here are some examples (non-exhaustive):

Paper: carton boxes, newspapers, writing papers, magazines, paper packaging (e.g. cereal boxes)
Plastic: beverage bottles (e.g. soft drink bottles), soap and detergent bottles, milk bottles, plastic packaging
Metal: aluminium drink cans, food tins (e.g. milk powder tins)
Glass: beverage bottles (e.g. milk/wine bottles) and jars (e.g. sauce/condiment jars)

E-waste can be recycled, but needs to be taken to designated recycling stations.

Light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and electronic waste, such as computers, chargers, and mobile devices, can be recycled as they are made of recyclable materials like metal. However, they have to be deposited as special designated recycling points or taken back to the respective retailers.

Unfortunately, not everything you own can be recycled.

Some items are not recyclable due to various reasons, for example, food contamination. Recycle right by disposing these items instead of recycling them (non-exhaustive):

Items contaminated with food (e.g. food packaging, sweet wrappers, disposable cutlery and cups, plastic straws)
Tissue Paper
Ceramic and porcelain items
Household batteries
Cassette and video tapes
Glass cookware/ bake ware

However, some items are considered reusable and can be donated!

Feel that it is a waste to dispose of your old clothing, bags, toys, stationery and furniture? If they are still in good condition, do consider donating them to charitable organisations or second-hand shops.

Follow these tips, and play your part to create a Zero Waste Nation today!


Magpie | Sembcorp