Date 10/02/2021

As we bid goodbye to the year of the Rat, Let's care for our planet while celebrating Chinese New Year by being conscious of our habits and actions. Here are some ways to celebrate the climate-friendly way!



1. Be mindful of food waste and minimise use of disposable wares

We all love tossing yusheng, but do be mindful of food waste when doing so! While tossing it higher is said to bring you more luck, make sure you don't waste any of those crispy crackers when they land outside of the plate. Lay a clean table mat before you toss and these fallouts can still be enjoyed! Let's also pack leftovers for the next day, and minimise usage of disposable wares wherever possible. 


2. Reuse bottles to store dry food items or household items 

After a clean wash, these plastic bottles can be reused to store dry food items such as nuts, dates, or even instant coffee sachets. You can also keep small household items in them such as tapes and hooks that are of irregular shapes. Their transparent bodies makes it easy to see what's inside at a glance.


3. Use generic red packets designs instead of zodiac designs

Instead of using zodiac designs that change every year, consider using generic red-packet designs or e-angbaos to convey your well wishes. You may also decline the complimentary red packets that come with your retail purchases. 


4. Spring clean responsibly by recycling right! 

Spring clean responsibly by recycling right – do not place any styrofoam or food-stained items, toys, clothing, or pillows into your neighborhood blue bins. Not only are they non-recyclables, they also contaminate other recyclable items in the bins. 

With these tips, let's usher in the Year of the Ox with more thought for the environment! 


Magpie | Sembcorp