Date 11/08/2020

ezi is excited to share about our expanded doorstep collection services!

In partnership with the Karang Gunis, ezi will be conducting flyer-type doorstep collections at our Public Waste Collector areas (Woodlands-Yishun and City-Punggol). What do you need to do?

1. Look out for our flyer (see below) to find out your collection date and time
2. Leave your bags of clean paper and clothing outside your doorstep with the flyer attached

Please note that this is a free collection service - no rebates will be given. Do ensure your items are free of food and liquid waste. Contaminated recyclables and items that we do not collect will be left outside your door.


"What items can I recycle?"

Paper (newspaper)


Paper (cardboard)


Paper (black and white paper, magazines, books)

SembcorpApp_ezi_BooksPaper 3

Clothing (blouses, shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, skirts, shorts, bermudas in wearable condition)


Undergarments, uniforms with logo, shoes & bags

Non-recyclable 1



Disposable plastic (cutlery, containers, bags)

Disposables 1


Non-recyclable 5_1

Mattresses, furniture, curtains, bed sheets, blankets, ironing boards

Non-recyclable 6_1

Tissue paper, padded envelopes, masks, aluminium foil

Non-recyclable 2

Hangers, umbrellas, cushions/ pillows, exercise mats, mirrors

Non-recyclable style=


"I want to recycle other items like metal and plastic! Are you able to collect them?"

For the flyer-type doorstep collection service, we only collect paper and clothing. However, if you would like to recycle other types of recyclables, you may head down to our Cash-for-Trash stations. ezi will also be launching our in-app doorstep collection services in Woodlands-Yishun and City-Punggol soon! Stay tuned for updates!

"The collector did not take my items!"

Kindly ensure that the items you’ve placed outside your door are items that we are collecting and are not contaminated with food or liquid waste. These items will be left at your door.

"The collector did not take my items, even though they are on the list!"

We apologise if the items you had placed outside your door were on our list of collectable items, but were missed by our collector. You may inform us of this missed collection at with the relevant details (address, collection date and time).

"I would like to get rebates!"

Unfortunately, we would not be able to provide any rebates for the flyer-type doorstep collections.

However, if you would like rebates, ezi will be resuming in-app doorstep collection services to the Woodlands-Yishun and City-Punggol sectors soon! Stay tuned for updates!

Alternatively, you may head down to our Cash-for-Trash stations.

"I have more questions! Who can I contact?"

For any further enquiries, please contact



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