Date 24/07/2020

A big thank you to all who have participated in our Trash to Treasure contest! We are heartened to know that many people in our community are passionate about recycling and doing their part to protect our environment!

CONGRATULATIONS to the 6 winners selected for the month of June. You have won yourself $50 worth of grocery e-vouchers each!

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Last few days to qualify for our Trash to Treasure contest in July. Theme of the month: THUMBS UP!

The "Trash to Treasure" campaign is organised by SembWaste to encourage recycling amongst the public.

How to participate:

Step 1:
Take a picture of yourself recycling at your neighbourhood blue recycling bin. Remember to follow the theme of the month!

Step 2:
Tell us something exciting about your recycling journey or an interesting anecdote about recycling

Step 3:
CLICK HERE to access the campaign entry form to submit your post! 

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