Date 16/12/2020

During the Christmas season, many of us spread festive cheer by preparing gifts for our family and friends. However, did you know that most wrapping paper cannot be recycled? Wrapping paper is often lined with plastic, and many contain bits of glitter and other materials that contaminate the paper. As a result, wrapping paper is mostly not fit for recycling.

Let's do our part to reduce waste this Christmas by exploring eco-friendly gift wrapping. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Reuse Paper & Bags as Gift Carriers

Have a bunch of tote bags or paper bags lying around the house? Pick a cute one and reuse it as a gift bag. You can also unleash your creative juices by decorating the paper bags with cut-outs from magazines or by drawing on it!

2. Reuse Unwanted Cloth / Fabric for Gift Wrapping

Try the Japanese wrapping technique (Furoshiki) for your presents. Not only does it look pretty, but it doesn’t require anything other than a square piece of cloth! Here are some videos guides you may refer to: Guide 1 ;  Guide 2 

3. Reuse Cardboard / Toilet Rolls as Gift Boxes

Bought your gift online? Why not just leave it in the box that it came in? Or if your gift is small, you can use a toilet paper roll to make a small gift box. With just a few additional decorations, your present will look as good as can be!

Even after the Christmas season, you can still save these eco-friendly wrapping ideas for all your gifting needs year round. Share these tips with your friends and family, and help play your part for a sustainable future! 🌎



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