Date 07/11/2020

In part 2 of our "Recycling 101" guide, we cover one of the common recyclables - paper!

As we are adapting to the "new normal", many of us have increasingly turned to online shopping for all our needs - be it for basic necessities, or to get our bubble tea fix! Although online shopping is so convenient, we end up producing more waste through packaging materials like cardboard boxes.

So what do we do with these cardboard boxes? A simple way you can reuse your cardboard boxes is by making them your customised home recycling bin! Collect your other household recyclables inside, and once full, bring the box down to the blue bin! Just remember - you should empty the box into the blue bin, then flatten the cardboard box before recycling it. This will prevent overflowing bins, enabling you and your neighbours to recycle more items!

Cardboard is only one type of paper-based item we can recycle. What other paper items can be recycled? Can we recycle tissue paper? We have summarised examples of what can and cannot be recycled, as well as some recycling right tips below:

The next time you recycle, we hope that you can remember our 3 easy guidelines - use both sides of paper, ensure your recyclables are free of contamination, and flatten your cardboard. Play your part to better recycling in Singapore!



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