Date 30/01/2021

Spring cleaning is a great time to bring new life to old items. Is there something you can repurpose into a new life hack? Or perhaps there are things you no longer want, that others may find useful? And you can also learn how to recycle right. 

SembWaste Recycling Ambassador Izabel Tan spoke recently at the North West Sustainability Forum, organised by the North West CDC, on the importance of doing our part to reduce contamination in the blue bins.

In case you missed it, here are the 4 easy steps she shared:
        1. Sort recyclables from refuse
        2. Ensure recyclables are empty, clean and dry
        3. Flatten your recyclables where possible
        4. Place clean recyclables into the recycling bin

“It’s better to reduce the waste we generate by reusing items to their fullest potential before recycling them”, Izabel shared. 

This Ox year and beyond, let’s all play our part for environmental sustainability in Singapore.



Magpie | Sembcorp